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It's Time for a Change. Bring on a Life Coach.

This time, you’re determined to achieve it! Though you’ve made the same declaration in previous years.

Even the year before that.

You’ve explored various avenues such as self-help, meditation, therapy, and yoga.

“Why am I still feeling stuck in life?”, you ponder.

You sense that you’re confined within your own mental constraints.

The exciting news is that Dr. Rashmin Wiyasinghe has successfully guided individuals from diverse backgrounds – musicians, actors, CEOs, psychiatrists, authors, and even ex-military personnel – in breaking free from their limitations and unleashing their untapped potential.

She can do the same for you; she has the ability to help you discover the key to your personal confinement.

Transformative Outcomes

The value of the outcomes Dr. Rashmin Wiyasinghe generates far exceeds the cost:

What Does Life Coaching Entail

The essence of effective coaching lies in assisting you with:

Naturally, individual circumstances may vary, and the approach adopted will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Dr. Rashmin Wiyasinghe's distinctive coaching methodology encompasses a diverse array of techniques, including Solution-Focused Therapeutic Coaching, the Human Givens Model, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Psychodynamics, and Positive Psychology.

Sudden and significant breakthroughs

The purpose of effective coaching is to assist you in:

On the surface, you may appear successful. You might even engage in therapy and regular meditation.
However, beneath the facade, there lies a profound secret: you are profoundly dissatisfied.

You might be seeking:

The great news is that numerous clients of Dr. Rashmin Wiyasinghe have experienced sudden and significant breakthroughs.

The Ultimate Investment

When you invest in coaching with Dr. Rashmin Wiyasinghe, you are making a lifelong investment.

Moreover, you receive far more than just coaching sessions.

All programs encompass:

  1. CUSTOMIZATION : A personalized program designed specifically for you and aligned with your unique goals.
  2. EMPOWERMENT : Overcome long-standing limiting beliefs and transform your mindset for lasting change.
  3. PROACTIVE STEPS : Take actionable growth measures following each session to propel you towards your desired outcomes.
  4. ADAPTABILITY : Choose between face-to-face or online sessions that accommodate your lifestyle and schedule.
  5. SWIFT REVELATION : Gain rapid insights into your character weaknesses through the use of psychometric testing.
  6. COMMITMENT AND SUPPORT : Benefit from 10-minute phone check-ins to ensure accountability and maintain motivation on your journey.